Email Marketing and Online Newsletters made Simple.

  • Insanely easy to use
  • Built for business use
  • Standards-based for full integration
  • Scalable from individual to enterprise
  • Industrial-strength security and back-up

Email Marketing and Online Newsletter Management

We know sending compelling emails that get the message through is not an easy task these days. Why not do it the easy and safe way using the power of the Internet?

SampleMediaCab let you send beautiful emails to targeted or broad audiences with ease. Track the delivery and success of your emails with immediate and pinpoint accuracy, using our built-in reports and Google Analytics.

Collaborate on campaigns by allowing designers to design attractive spam-list resistant email templates, marketing experts to add content easily, and managers to track results with ease.

The Simple Secure Solution for Online Marketing

MediaCab was built with you in mind. We want to make the program easy to understand and use, make your daily work life more efficient, and get you to help us make this program even easier and better!

Easy to Use, Simple to Master
We've made email campaing creation and management easy and intuitive. Quickly create content, subscriber groups, and campaings, and then use any or all components of your campaign later - no double-entries.

Saves Time Creating and Managing Your Campaigns
Manage campaigns from your office, home, or on the road. Import and export data in any standard format. Find information quickly, because it works the way business marketing normally works.

Safe and Secure
The MediaCab application, and all your media and data, are securely stored away at one of the nation's most secure and reliable hosting centers, watched over by one of the nation's oldest Internet application development and hosting firms, and backed up on the world's most reliable servers.

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